02 March 2024Working with Local Community Schools

Working with Local Community Schools

At Inspire we place great importance on our social responsibilities and enjoy adding value to the local community whenever possible.

One such example is a recent work experience initiative that we organised in conjunction with Riverside School in Kent. The day included a mixture of activities and an opportunity for the students to “get their hands dirty” via a practical session that was provided by one of Inspire’s time-served apprentices. This involved the use of an external training workshop, enabling the students to learn a variety liquid roofing techniques and try their hand at installing a complete system!

The overall objective was to provide a friendly, personal and inclusive environment in which the students could gain a deeper understanding of the processes involved in waterproofing a roof. It was a huge success with both Inspire and the students gaining a lot from this valuable experience.

We are very proud to have been involved in such a worthwhile initiative and are also delighted with the fantastic Thank You card we received from the school!