Platanos College


Platanos College




Stockwell, London


Flat Roofing / M&E Works



Platanos College is an outstanding school for pupils of all abilities, comprising of contemporary buildings situated in Stockwell, south London.


In 2021, the College required substantial roofing and M&E works to be completed on one of its buildings. Inspire Contract Services were subsequently selected to install the approved systems.


The roofing works involved replacing the existing system with a high performance, cold-applied waterproofing solution from Garland. The specification included primer, self-adhesive bitumen underlay, tapered thermal insulation, carrier membrane and Dura-Coat elastomeric liquid waterproofing.


Comprehensive mechanical and electrical works were also required, including decommissioning, disconnecting, and removing key ductwork, pipework and cabling before reconnecting back in place once roofing works had been completed.


Larger ventilation plant also needed to be carefully craned from the roof and set down at ground floor level so that it could be stored and protected until reinstatement was required.


Health and safety was of key importance throughout this project, particularly as some of the works took place in a live teaching environment. Noise and disruption had to be minimised at all times to avoid causing any unnecessary inconvenience to the college.





This multi-faceted project involved upgrading the existing roof waterproofing, along with specialist mechanical and electrical works, as follows:

Roofing & Associated Works

  • Partial strip and overlay of flat roof covering with new Garland high performance liquid system
  • Overhaul of existing lantern lights
  • Installation of new rainwater outlets, access walkways and protective handrail systems
  • Making good of any water damaged areas above the entrance to classroom
  • Providing and fixing all necessary scaffolding, edge protection and temporary support to excavations to comply with Health & Safety Executive requirements.


Mechanical & Electrical Works


  • Temporary decommissioning, disconnection and removal of existing mechanical plant system with reconnection upon completion of work
  • Degassing of condenser plant serving internal coils and cooling units, with refrigerant reclaimed
  • Isolation and disconnection of electrical supplies to roof plant, with suitable connector blocks/isolators used to make safe
  • Careful craning of ventilation plant from roof to ground level for safe storage until works complete and reinstatement possible.




Prior to any alterations or removal of plant/services taking place from the roof, detailed plant condition and validation surveys were undertaken to identify the current condition and performance of the existing plant, both physically and operationally. This included a full photographic survey to ensure that all systems could be reinstated to the same condition and operation as prior to the works commencing.


Mechanically, all existing water flow rates, static pressure readings and temperatures were carefully recorded and documented. In addition, a full dimensional survey of the existing ductwork and pipework was carried out prior to removal, in order to ascertain the exact sizes of the existing services.


Electrically, full periodic testing of the existing electrical installation was also undertaken by Inspire’s trained technicians to provide a baseline for when the systems were reinstated.


Elsewhere, relevant ventilation ductwork was disconnected and responsibly disposed of before being replaced with new ductwork, insulation, and external finishes.


Despite the complex nature of the works, all aspects of this project were delivered to a very high standard by the Inspire team. The project ran for approximately six months and was delivered on time and within budget.


Following completion of the works, a 20-year insurance-backed guarantee was issued to the client, covering all materials and labour.



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