Flat Roofing

Reinforced Bitumen Membranes / Felt Roofing

Traditional felt waterproofing systems have been used for many years on both refurbishment and new build projects. The bitumen products we use have made great strides during the last twenty years, with the technically advanced bituminous felt becoming an extremely versatile product. We can offer a range of systems and provide insurance-backed warranties for up to 20 years.

Polymeric Single Ply

Single ply roofing systems are single layered waterproofing systems designed to be long-lasting, resilient and versatile. They are often used for projects where consideration must be given towards the environment. Single ply offers good choice in terms of roof design, appearance and durability; whether used for refurbishment or new build. We offer a variety of material options such as EPDM, PVC and TPO.

Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid solutions are great for industrial and commercial roofing, walkways and balconies, car park waterproofing and delaminated metal pitched roofs in both refurbishment and new builds. They are ideal for roofs with more complex detailing as they form a tough, non-slip, seamless waterproofing solution. We offer a range of systems and finishes and they can be applied to various materials including metal, felt and concrete.

Mastic Asphalt

Mastic asphalt roofing can be used to create a continuous waterproof cover over flat or sloped surfaces. It can be laid on most types of rigid sub-structures including concrete, timber and metal decking. It’s also the perfect solution for green roofs and roof gardens as it forms an excellent barrier to roots. The material is very long-lasting and so suits roofs that expect to receive high volumes of traffic.

Pitched Roofing

We can provide traditional slate re-roofing and repairs, artificial slate re-roofing and concrete and clay plain roof tiles. Slate and tile roof installations are a proven solution and provide long-lasting value. Our professional team are experienced and highly trained in slate and tiling systems, so you can trust us to deliver a quality, safe and efficient service.

Flat to Pitch Conversion

Despite flat roof membrane technology greatly improving, often old buildings suffer from traditional poor design principles, resulting in requirements for fairly exhaustive refurbishment. Flat to pitched conversion offers a solution; with the installation of a lightweight structural frame system and sheeted covering, a conversion provides an aesthetically pleasing solution with waterproofing and thermal insulation benefits.

Roof Sheeting and Cladding

Roof Cladding

Inspire provides new roofing and cladding in various forms such as stripping and renewal and new build. We offer twin and single skin systems, composite panels, and standing seam roofing. Our expert team will be happy to guide you in choosing the right product based on insulation requirements, budget and existing roof structure.


Over-sheeting is an effective alternative to replacing an entire roof. The new roof system is installed over an existing structure with minimal disruption. Inspire can also provide over-cladding in a similar format. These systems can provide a cost-effective solution to a building’s aesthetic appearance along with improved thermal performance.

Rooflight Replacement

Inspire can install rooflights on any category of roof coverings; from flat roofs to pitched, steel and asbestos corrugated roofs, single skin and factory assemble rooflights, triple glazed polycarbonate and special barrel vaults, as well as sun pipes or bespoke configurations. If you’d like to hear more about our rooflight products to find what is right for you, you can speak to one of our expert team.

Lead, Zinc and Copper

Lead, zinc and copper have been used in the construction industry for many years, and are roofing materials with proven track records. The advantages of using these materials are that they are malleable and versatile, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and offer high tolerance to corrosion. We can provide a comprehensive range of lead, zinc and copper roofing services.

Fascias, Soffit and Rainwater Goods

We can deliver a range of fascia, soffit and rain water goods. We provide UPVC fascias, soffits, and bargeboards with a large choice of colours and profiles. We also offer timber solutions for a more traditional product and look. You can improve the appearance of your building through modern, durable materials as well as reduce the need for costly painting and maintenance.

Gutter Refurbishment

Damaged or ageing gutters can cause major leaks into buildings either through perished joints or corrosion. Inspire are able to offer solutions and installations to gutters, rainwater systems and liners, including: EPDM gutter liner systems, coated aluminium systems, insulated valley and boundary wall systems, liquid waterproofing such as polyurethane coatings, metal gutters and syphonic systems.

Sustainable Roofing

Green Roofs

We cover all aspects of green roofing including green, brown, bio-diverse, and roofscape design. Green roofs can be used to absorb rainwater, provide insulation, create a more aesthetically pleasing roof and lower air temperatures. We offer systems which include the laying of Sedum Blankets and Plug Planting into a prepared substrate on bituminous insulated layered roofing systems.

Solar PV

We offer a range of systems for solar roofing including solar photovoltaic roof panels and solar thermal roof panels. The major advantages of using solar roofing are reduced carbon emissions through the consumption of renewable energy. This reduces dependency and cost spent on fossil fuels and can create potential income from the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Glazing Systems

Inspire can offer a number of professional, high quality products alongside our expert installation services for all aspects of aluminum glazed facades, roof glazing, windows and door entrance systems. We deliver solutions that match the needs of the client, as well as having environmental impact and structural support in mind. We can also offer a solution to suit most budgets.

Safety Systems

Inspire are able to supply, fit and commission project-specific fall arrest systems. We can provide a range of solutions dependent on the client’s needs, and to ensure CDM requirements are met. We offer an aftercare service including induction and training for clients to use and operate their fall arrest system and equipment. We also offer an annual maintenance inspection to ensure continual safe use and access.

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